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PHUONG NAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a specialized company in the field of suppling limestone and quicklime products. With many years of experience and expertise, Phuong Nam., JSC is proving himself as one of the best partners in domestic and foreign market.


        Phuong Nam Joint Stock Company was established on 09.19.2002 based Phuong Nam - Uong Bi City - Quang Ninh Province, with a total workforce of more than 100 officers and staff. In 2002, Company was licensed by State and Quang Ninh province for quarry to produce building materials and black clay mine as cement additives. Our main activity is in the field of mining, limestone and quicklime processing, port services and real estate business.

        Total asset:    USD 5.400.000

        Average annual revenue: USD 15.800.000

        In the process of producing and trading, company always aims to be the   leading producer for market needs and provide goods and services with the best quality and the most reasonable price for customers. To accomplish this goal, the company always pays attention to comprehensive invest in human, equipment and modern technology. Hitherto, the company has a team of experienced and professional managers, technical staff and skilled scientists. In addition, the company has invested and owned many advanced modernization technology equipment.

        On the way of construction and development, the company has always exceeded the plan. Production and business revenues are high developing consistently, year after year. The average annual growth rate is from 60 % -200%. Every year the company has contributed to the state budget, social and charity activities with billions of Vietnam dong.

        With the achievements has recognized for many years, the company was awarded The Gold Cup for Branding – Brand in 2009, Certificate of Merit for achievement in production and business by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Certificate of Merit for good business by People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province , Uong Bi City and many certificates of merit from other departments .

        Besides, Chairman of the Board of the company also received commendation as : Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister in 2011 , is written to the Brunel Business Quoc Tu Giam in 1000 on the occasion of Thang Long - Ha Noi ; Entrepreneur of 1000 years of Thang Long - Ha Noi 's, Entrepreneur of Quang Ninh province for many years ; Gold Cup 2008 business culture ; Vietnam gold entrepreneurs in 2008; business Centre - 2009 Financial ...

        The development objective of the Phuong Nam JSC., in the future is always maintained, continuously improving technology and improving the quality of products to satisfy customer's requirement at the highest level. Phuong Nam JSC., is always ready to enter into joint venture and cooperation with international organizations, and foreign companies in the field of mineral processing , port services , brokerage and investment business real estate ...

         We sincerely thank you and look forward your cooperation!


     Adress: Phuong Nam ward, Uong bi city, Quang Ninh province,Viet Nam   

Tel/Fax:  0333 854 098          Mobile: 0903451757 - 0976066888


Skype: nguyenmai210

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